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Colin Robinson

Colin Robinson is Editorial Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs and Professor of Economics at the University of Surrey. He worked as a business economist for eleven years, first as an economist in Proctor and Gamble and then in Esso Petroleum Company (Head of the Economics Division of Corporate Planning Department) and Esso Europe (Economic Adviser in Natural Gas Division).
He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Fellow of the Institute of Petroleum, Trustee of the Wincott Foundation, member of the Scientific Committee of Energia, and member of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (Electricity Panel). He was named British Institute of Energy Economics Energy Economist of the Year 1992.
He is sole or joint author of 23 books and monographs and about 150 papers, including studies of North Sea oil and gas; the British coal industry; energy policy; nuclear power; gas, electricity and coal privatisation programmes; utility regulation; the international oil, coal and gas markets; and a number of papers on managerial economics.
He has appeared as expert witness in Public Inquiries and arbitration proceedings in Britain and abroad and in cases in the US and Australian courts, has also given evidence on many occasions to Committees of the Houses of Parliament, and is a frequent broadcaster on TV and radio.
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